If the Hoodie Fits

I’ve never understood why it is so important to get something in your size until now.

Generally, I like my shirts fitted and my jackets and pants baggy to create a hIMG_3889.JPGip-hop inspired look. By fitted, I mean one size down what I usually wear, so if I want, say, a Tupac Longsleeve,  I would get it in a small and not a medium. I just like the tight fit and how it wraps and molds around the body as opposed to having sleeves overfold from the extra bagginess and the bottom of the shirt drop as low as to my crotch. For my hoodies, I just really like the baggier, but not overbaggy, style, just so it is comfortable enough to wear and provide as much warmth as possible while still looking presentable. For example, because I fall between a Men’s small and a Men’s medium category, I would choose the medium size for my Kung Fu Kenny hoodie.  However, the real problem begins when I step out of my comfort zone.


About a week ago I had my eye on this one nice hoodie. It was not that much- I had a $20 discount and that changed my grand sum of around $50 to just $20. Specifically, it was a Lira Men’s IMG_3890.JPGRose Hoodie. However, there was only one problem: It only came in 2 sizes; XL and XXL. I had visited Tilly’s shops several times to look for a smaller size or a different type of hoodie that I liked, but nothing appealed to me and the smallest size I could still possibly fit was an XL. I asked around to see if my friends had any solutions. The most common one that came up was, “wash it in very hot water and dry the crap out of it.” I was very skeptical about the idea. However, when I tried it, it in fact did shrink! It was absolutely amazing for me to find out that things like these work. However, with everything comes a price.



I am very happy my hoodie actually came out looking decent, although just a tad IMG_3891.JPGbit too large. I, however, did not know that there was a large change that using direct heat like that could ruin the hoodie in a number of ways, including fading, breaking down the material, and having the designs peel off. luckily, this did not happen to me on a major extent, but I do recommend that before anyone tries this they consider the cost. If you believe is worth it, go for it.


Now, I try something a bit odd to shrink my clothes. First, if I am washing the object by itself, I would normally use one or two levels ofIMG_3894.JPG heat down from the maximum. Once finished, I would throw the object into the dryer. However, here is the tricky part: I would set up different times of direct heat and “cooling down” so the damage to my clothes would be minimal. For example, maybe 10 minutes of maximum heat, then 5 of the next lowest heat and 5 of the next and so on. At the end, I would blast it on full heat until the remaining time is finished (Probably just 10-15 mins). Overall, I am happy how my hoodie came out and intend on using this only as a reliable but last choice options.



17-5 Same Color T-Shirt

I never understood how tedious taking care of white clothes is- until now.

Photo: Your Best Digs February 23, 2017 ©(CC BY 2.0)

I used to only wear darker-colored clothes, such as black, maroon, and navy. Back in those times, I looked down on people who wore white saying they were too overly obsessed with their clothes and appearance. I always hated to do laundry and I found it excruciating to wear any light color because cleaning it would be an absolute pain. However, as I saw my friends get white clothes, I started questioning myself and my ideology on people wearing white clothing. Finally, I decided to get some white clothing of my own. I finally understood how a light color added a new depth to clothing and style. I now own more than 10 pieces of white clothing I wear weekly. Yet as the days progressed, I became more and more obsessed on keeping my white clothes clean because blemishing it was excruciatingly easy. For months, I was left with dirty white clothes, an annoying pain that was always stuck in my head.

Excruciatingly, I used trial and error to try to restore my white clothes to their original selves. I tried washing my shirt with anything to first get rid of the stains- dish soap, a lot of detergent, even 

Photo: profmarilena January 24, 2015 ©(CC BY 2.0)

some spot cleaner. Then finally, I read an online trick of how vinegar removed stains better than all of these combined. I tried doing this and to my surprise, it worked. However, it required a large amount enough to soak in and needed a lot of time to really get out all of the stains. However, as a result my clothes reeked of acid. I needed a way to remove the smell and my white clothes would be amazing again.



Then, I realized my flaw during my laundry process after spot cleaning with vinegar- I was using hot water. After seeing an ad that promoted cold water because it uses less water and energy to wash my clothes, I wanted to try it because of the California drought making water more expensive than other areas. Amazingly, after I used cold water to wash my white clothes, they did not have that horrible odor of vinegar, but

Photo: vagabondblogger August 5, 2010©(CC BY 2.0)

instead smelled like my detergent. Additionally, using cold water prevents clothes, especially cotton, from shrinking and making it uncomfortable. Air drying with cool air seals the prevention of permanent shrinkage for those items that just fit perfectly.




Now, every time I wash my white clothes, I remember to give it a little vinegar bath to wash out all of the

Photo: DSC03102 June 24, 22013 ©(CC BY 2.0)

unneeded blemishes and let the vinegar soak in for a good five to ten minutes, depending on the soilage.  Lastly, I would wash it with a regular amount of detergent on tap cold water and air dry it for about two hours. Air drying takes longer to dry clothes because of the lack of heat. Finally, my white clothes are clean and new again.