Life Hack: Get More Sleep

Sleep is very important for students before a big test or finals that will ultimately determine their grade. However, the average sleep of students that are teenagers or adults is only 6-7 hours, when in reality they need at least 9 hours of sleep. This article will solely be on how to catch more zzz’s to ace that test or quiz tomorrow.



  • Put Away Your Phone



Phones and other electronic devices that display blue lighting often distract people from sleeping the amount they need to. Turn off and cover any blue-light electronics at least an hour before your bedtime. This will include your alarm or whatever device you use as an alarm, so you don’t constantly look over to see the time.



  • Pick a Pillow



Your pillow should be at a neutral and natural position when you sleep. If you sleep on your side, line your nose up with the center of your body. Also, sleeping on your stomach twists your neck and will lead to stiffness and pain in the morning. The best sleep temperature for most people is around 68 and 72 degrees.



  • Eat Right at Night



Try eating light at night. Eat supper an hour before bed and drink liquids 2 hours before bed. If you drink before bed, you would be more likely to wake up at night. A good replacement for wine and alcohol would be tea or warm milk.


DIY Fix Glasses

Not everyone has 20/20 vision. About half of all adults have imperfect vision, but in this day and age, there are several ways to fix that. The easiest among all of the corrective techniques and devices are glasses. Unlike daytime or nighttime  contacts, glasses do not irritate your eye and you do not have to be committed to them daily or nightly. But what happens when your glasses break? In this DIY blog, I will show you how to easily fix your glasses.

Step 1: Get Materials

You will need:

  1. Hot glue gun
  2. Hot glue gun glue
  3. Thread of string that matches your glasses’ color.

Step 2: Identify the Broken Area

Although a break on the glasses’ bridge is far easier to fix than a break at the hinges, both will be very easily fixed within 10 minutes.

Step 3: Apply First Glue

Apply glue from your hot glue gun at where the glasses broke. This may require 2 people for precision and because the glue dries up very quickly. Spread the dried excess glue with the hot metal tip across the area of breakage.

Step 4: Applying Thread

While the spread around glue is still hot, start wrapping the breakage area with thread. This helps bind the two parts together and makes your broken glasses sturdier. If you broke your glasses at the hinges, try to wrap around the two broken pieces together instead at just the middle. The thread should cover somewhere between half an inch to an inch around the broken area and should not be thicker than 3 layers of thread (personal experience).

Step 5: Final Touches

Place an insignificant amount of glue behind and in front of the breakage area on the thread. Spread the glue around so it covers the thread and touches the non-threaded parts surrounding it. If broken around the hinges, place a small amount of glue to fill the space that connects the places that go on your ear and the frame that holds the glasses. Also, you will not be able to fold your glasses if you choose to fix the hinge area.

Step 6: Adjustments

No matter how hard you try to get your glasses DIY-fixed, they will never look or feel the same. Make some adjustments on both sides of the frame (move each side up/down) to create balance and symmetry for both sides of the glasses on your face.

Step 7: Wear with Pride



Note Taking Tips

Notes are one of the best ways to study for a test and review key concepts for a final. However? What is the most efficient way to take notes? The general idea of notes is to help you remember, not cram every small little detail into your mind until you forget the important stuff you need in the test. In this blog post, I will show you how to take notes the most efficient way to earn easy A’s.

Notes should be short but detailed. That doesn’t mean you need to fit in all the small details, but instead the main concept. In a textbook, for example, most sentences are obsolete to the general knowledge you need. Don’t worry about skipping through the paragraphs to find your main idea though- usually, the knowledge you need to retain is at the top of the paragraph or in bold. After that, insert other information relating to the general idea and provide examples to remember.

The structure of notes are equally as important as it’s content. Without structure, there is nothing to hold the contents in. Although several structures are preferable and that preference varies from person to person, I like most a structure that can easily help anyone with their notes as shown below:


I(Roman numerals). Chapter

  1. Subchapter / main idea
  • Other important information regarding main idea
    • Examples

Notes are undoubtedly a wonderful study tool for anybody. Next to flash cards, it is the easiest way to study for a test or review for finals. With the structure and information of notes, you will undoubtedly get an A if you put your mind, body, and soul into it. Happy Holidays!


Time Management

I’m sure no one would openly want to spend their  free time studying.  I get it. Everyone has social  lives outside of school, including parties, activities, sports, and so on. Often,  that interferes with your time and ability to study  or  do homework. That’s why in  this blog post, I’m going to show you how to manage your time  and get  that 100% you deserve.

1.  Make a Schedule

Two club meetings  and a football game are a recipe  for disaster in terms of your bio grades. However, if you  make a schedule for the day, you can achieve more than you thought you could. If you plan out your time efficiently, you  would  notice that about  half of the time you are sitting  around doing nothing productive. By making a schedule,  you are giving yourself a set time to  complete an assignment or to   finish  your break time to  make the  most of our day. You might not even need to skip basketball  practice  to study for your calculus test after all. 

2. Read the Book Daily

Reading books are not fun. However, a  majority of tests and quizzes are from the book,  so read as much as you  can.  Take hand-notes to retain as  much  information from the book as  possible. Also, try to enjoy what you are reading- it will help you remember it   above all else.

3. Review Flash Cards every Hour if Possible.

Muscle memory is a powerful  tool you can use for studyingThe more you  drill something into your head, the more you will remember it.  If  you  can continue  this great grade-saving habit for at least a  week before whatever quiz or test you have,  I  guarantee you  that you  will get  that easy 100% on the -ar Spanish conjunctions assessment.

4. Plan out Your Hangouts

It’s a  Sunday afternoon. You’re  out partying  with  your friends when  you know that you  should be studying for a final tomorrow. You  plan to leave at 6 to have enough time to study for finals, but the party starts wrapping  up  at around 10 instead.  Although  sports practices and club meetings cannot be  adjusted, you  are  under control of  when you should and should  not hang out. In fact, you  should take a quick  overview of   the week before making any plans for parties. You rather have a good 90-something percent in math and leave the party early than have a 70% after the  finals and not be able to party at all.


Self Study Hacks

Let’s face the facts. It’s really hard to study for something and deal with day-to-day activities as well, not including those surprises (good or bad) that come in your way. That’s why in this blog edition, I will give you several tips on how to study and achieve your desired grades.

1. Study with Music

Do you have a tune(s) you just hum in your head occasionally? You can actually take advantage of this by studying while listening to your catchiest songs. Recent studies have shown that memory is associated with soundsIt won’t be a crime to hum in class or sing a song in your head, but little do your teacher’s know that’s how you’ll ace their class. Did I mention music helps you concentrate while you review or study?

2. Copy Notes by Hand

As a student, I understand that teacher lectures, reading, and taking notes are altogether the worst part of going to school. However, notes are just to help you remember what you need to remember. Copy down notes by hand and rewrite them a second or third time. Muscle memory will do wonders on a test. Also, when copying or recopying, make sure your mind is directed towards what you’re doing- otherwise, on the test while your writing down the answer, you’ll think of what you were doing while recopying down notes.

3. Flash Cards

Flash cards are arguably the best way to study for anything. With flash cards, you can study for vocab, multiple choice questions, essays- you name it. The trick with flash cards is to make them as early as possible. Review them at least  daily.

4. Reading Hack

Reading is boring. There’s at least 100 better things then to read a book. However, book/textbook material is usually the majority of what is on tests. To overcome this, use this simple trick: Place a treat every paragraph(s) to reward yourself for reading. It is hard to ‘cheat’ like this because you look down as you take the treat and therefore read the material. This is most helpful if you put it near the bottom of the paragraph(s).

5. Studying Tip

Do not procrastinate with studying. The longer you wait, the less you study. Trust me on this. You probably have experience with it as well.


Life Hack / DIYS – Music

Everyone needs music to survive. Whether it comes from a  phone or you just tap it out on the desk, music is an essential to human survival. One of the worst scenarios that involves music is  when your music player’s speakers are not loud enough  at full volume and you do not have a speaker (not everyone can afford one). Simply grab a cup and place your music player in there for enhanced sound. Why  does this work? Well, since sound only travels up, the cup has only one area for sound  to escape through, the top. As it reaches the top, it bounces back and forth inside the cup, amplifying it’s noise. It is recommended to use a bigger cup for more sound.


Another one of my biggest pet peeves is when my earphone cords get tangled up. I especially hate this because it takes time  out of what I need to do. This life hack solves this problem with ease. Just  find somewhere you can hang your earphones from, such as a hanging decoration, and wrap the input end around it a  couple  times. Place a heavy  object on the earbuds  and wrap the earbud cord around it so it stays. This life hack works because gravity forces the tangled wires to straighten out under pressure.




Hi, my name is Matthew Do and I can change your life. In this blog site, I will give several DIY examples, tips to make life easier, and overall make unbearable events that cause stress dissipate without taking dramatic shortcuts. After all, your life is yours to live and nothing should change that. Enough being said, continue reading the weekly posts if you want an easy time throughout the years. If you liked these, please suggest to a friend.