Why You Don’t Have To Wash The Dishes Anymore

Personally, doing the dishes is the chore I despise of the most. It consumes so much time that cabroken dish.jpgn be better used to do other activities, such as homework or basketball. One night, after 15 minutes of vigorous scrubbing at cheese glued to a plate and an aftermath of cold and clammy hands, I came up with the decision that nobody has to live like this. What if there was an alternative to dishes? What if there was this miracle product that was not only easily disposable, but also cheap? Surely, that would mean my days of wet, slimy, and chunky torture would be over.

Before I implanted my ideas, was it just my lethargy and snobbishness that shaped my perspective on washing dishes? I surely had to ask my friends what theyriot.jpg thought about this before implanting any schemes that would make me prettier than I already was for refusing to wash dishes. My first friend, Tiffany, gave me her views on washing dishes she said, “ I hate washing dishes and I believe that if there was an alternative I would use it immediately.” Likewise, another friend Danny said, “In addition to the unnecessary time used to wash dishes, I hate how water is being wasted when it can be used for something more efficient.” Lastly, my best friend Jessica explained, “Dish washing is a pain and a long chore, especially after a long day of school, activities, and homework.” Seeing that all our perspectives on this hated chore are similar, I began the voyage to discover the alternative to save all of us from the traumatic experience of washing dishes.

Together, my friends and I put our heads together to think of something that will revolutionize eating forever. We made several points on what was necessary to suffice for an alternative to a plate or bowl. First, it had to be easy to use. That meant that the product would easily replace a bowl or plate and perform all of its functions, maybe even better. Also, The alternative had to be easy to throw away. Something that was small and compact and can fit in everyone’s trash can. Lastly, the product had to be easy to convince people to use. Most people are concerned about money, so the main focus on this category was it’s price. The product needed to be cheap to convince many people to use instead of actual bowls or plates. After what seemed like three days of brainstorming, we came up with a final solution.
At last, the final decision was made; plastic food wrap. Plastic food wrap can be used to cover bowls and plates before use so nobody will have to wash dishes or bowls, a large portion of washing the dishes. Plastic wrap is easy to use because it can

Photo: revlax October 18, 2008©(CC BY-SA 2.0)

effortlessly stick to bowls and plates and can be easily picked up and thrown away after use. Furthermore, plastic is waterproof, so putting soup in a bowl will not create a larger mess than simply washing the dishes. Lastly, plastic food wrap is very cheap and can be purchased here. In conclusion, plastic food wrap covering bowls or plates is the ultimate alternative to washing the dishes.