No Chill: How to have a Cold Drink Without Pesky Ice Cubes

I have never realized how good it feels to drink chilled water without constantly having to deal with the ice.


6337849563_f688da3932_o (2).jpg
Photo: Antoni BCN November 1,2011©[CC BY-SA 2.0)

Every day this happens to me: I come home from the gym or a basketball game craving for some ice-cold refreshing water to quench my thirst. I fill a glass of water and place some ice cubes in so it can be chilled. However, every time I drink water I always have to slowly sip because the ice constantly bumps into my lip and continues to make it numb or irritate me enough that I have to delay my drinking just for it to submerge into the depths of my cup again. Every time. So every day as I came home hot, sweaty, thirsty, desiring for something to relieve me of my ailments the heat has caused me, I always consistently run into the same problem. How can I get a drink if every 5 seconds I have to take a dramatic pause to not afflict myself of frostbite.


I lived in a 24/7
nightmare for several years until I stumbled upon something that completely changed my perspective on my chilled drinks. As long as something touching the

Photo Brook Ferry August 15, 2011©[CC BY-SA 2.0]

water was cold, the water would be cold! It led me to nights of innovating with frozen peas, carrots, tomatoes, and apples. Although they all helped chilling my drink, they still gave an unnecessary taste to the perfect liquid that would ever touch man’s lips. Somehow, I had to come up with a way to chill your drink without giving it flavor or taste, my largest challenge for years.



There were several conditions that needed to be met to make it the perfect substitute for ice cubes. Did it chill water? Did it allow

Photo Mix Sensations August 20, 2010©[CC BY-SA 2.0]

for continuous drinking while the water is cold? Is it cheap? Is it efficient? And finally, on a Sunday morning by complete accident, I discovered my answer.






The night before I stayed up late to finish some pesky homework that needed to be done. I took a sip of water and unknowingly placed it in my fridge along with the leftover foods from dinner. After I woke up for a few hours or so, the temperature was blazing as the sun branded our backs. I went in for a drink and when I opened the fridge, lo and behold, my cup was still there. I took a drink from it. It was completely cold! I retested this by placing an empty cup in the refrigerator. When I used it, all

Photo Terhi January 19, 2013©[CC BY-SA 2.0]
of the contents were perfectly chilled and did not serve as an obstacle to my thirst. At long last, I came upon two conclusions: Pre-chill multiple cups in the refrigerator to have it instantly chill the refreshment or to pre- chill the drink itself. Never again will ice distract me from quenching my thirst, ever.


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