Life Hack: Get More Sleep

Sleep is very important for students before a big test or finals that will ultimately determine their grade. However, the average sleep of students that are teenagers or adults is only 6-7 hours, when in reality they need at least 9 hours of sleep. This article will solely be on how to catch more zzz’s to ace that test or quiz tomorrow.



  • Put Away Your Phone



Phones and other electronic devices that display blue lighting often distract people from sleeping the amount they need to. Turn off and cover any blue-light electronics at least an hour before your bedtime. This will include your alarm or whatever device you use as an alarm, so you don’t constantly look over to see the time.



  • Pick a Pillow



Your pillow should be at a neutral and natural position when you sleep. If you sleep on your side, line your nose up with the center of your body. Also, sleeping on your stomach twists your neck and will lead to stiffness and pain in the morning. The best sleep temperature for most people is around 68 and 72 degrees.



  • Eat Right at Night



Try eating light at night. Eat supper an hour before bed and drink liquids 2 hours before bed. If you drink before bed, you would be more likely to wake up at night. A good replacement for wine and alcohol would be tea or warm milk.



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