Note Taking Tips

Notes are one of the best ways to study for a test and review key concepts for a final. However? What is the most efficient way to take notes? The general idea of notes is to help you remember, not cram every small little detail into your mind until you forget the important stuff you need in the test. In this blog post, I will show you how to take notes the most efficient way to earn easy A’s.

Notes should be short but detailed. That doesn’t mean you need to fit in all the small details, but instead the main concept. In a textbook, for example, most sentences are obsolete to the general knowledge you need. Don’t worry about skipping through the paragraphs to find your main idea though- usually, the knowledge you need to retain is at the top of the paragraph or in bold. After that, insert other information relating to the general idea and provide examples to remember.

The structure of notes are equally as important as it’s content. Without structure, there is nothing to hold the contents in. Although several structures are preferable and that preference varies from person to person, I like most a structure that can easily help anyone with their notes as shown below:


I(Roman numerals). Chapter

  1. Subchapter / main idea
  • Other important information regarding main idea
    • Examples

Notes are undoubtedly a wonderful study tool for anybody. Next to flash cards, it is the easiest way to study for a test or review for finals. With the structure and information of notes, you will undoubtedly get an A if you put your mind, body, and soul into it. Happy Holidays!



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