Time Management

I’m sure no one would openly want to spend their  free time studying.  I get it. Everyone has social  lives outside of school, including parties, activities, sports, and so on. Often,  that interferes with your time and ability to study  or  do homework. That’s why in  this blog post, I’m going to show you how to manage your time  and get  that 100% you deserve.

1.  Make a Schedule

Two club meetings  and a football game are a recipe  for disaster in terms of your bio grades. However, if you  make a schedule for the day, you can achieve more than you thought you could. If you plan out your time efficiently, you  would  notice that about  half of the time you are sitting  around doing nothing productive. By making a schedule,  you are giving yourself a set time to  complete an assignment or to   finish  your break time to  make the  most of our day. You might not even need to skip basketball  practice  to study for your calculus test after all. 

2. Read the Book Daily

Reading books are not fun. However, a  majority of tests and quizzes are from the book,  so read as much as you  can.  Take hand-notes to retain as  much  information from the book as  possible. Also, try to enjoy what you are reading- it will help you remember it   above all else.

3. Review Flash Cards every Hour if Possible.

Muscle memory is a powerful  tool you can use for studyingThe more you  drill something into your head, the more you will remember it.  If  you  can continue  this great grade-saving habit for at least a  week before whatever quiz or test you have,  I  guarantee you  that you  will get  that easy 100% on the -ar Spanish conjunctions assessment.

4. Plan out Your Hangouts

It’s a  Sunday afternoon. You’re  out partying  with  your friends when  you know that you  should be studying for a final tomorrow. You  plan to leave at 6 to have enough time to study for finals, but the party starts wrapping  up  at around 10 instead.  Although  sports practices and club meetings cannot be  adjusted, you  are  under control of  when you should and should  not hang out. In fact, you  should take a quick  overview of   the week before making any plans for parties. You rather have a good 90-something percent in math and leave the party early than have a 70% after the  finals and not be able to party at all.



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