Self Study Hacks

Let’s face the facts. It’s really hard to study for something and deal with day-to-day activities as well, not including those surprises (good or bad) that come in your way. That’s why in this blog edition, I will give you several tips on how to study and achieve your desired grades.

1. Study with Music

Do you have a tune(s) you just hum in your head occasionally? You can actually take advantage of this by studying while listening to your catchiest songs. Recent studies have shown that memory is associated with soundsIt won’t be a crime to hum in class or sing a song in your head, but little do your teacher’s know that’s how you’ll ace their class. Did I mention music helps you concentrate while you review or study?

2. Copy Notes by Hand

As a student, I understand that teacher lectures, reading, and taking notes are altogether the worst part of going to school. However, notes are just to help you remember what you need to remember. Copy down notes by hand and rewrite them a second or third time. Muscle memory will do wonders on a test. Also, when copying or recopying, make sure your mind is directed towards what you’re doing- otherwise, on the test while your writing down the answer, you’ll think of what you were doing while recopying down notes.

3. Flash Cards

Flash cards are arguably the best way to study for anything. With flash cards, you can study for vocab, multiple choice questions, essays- you name it. The trick with flash cards is to make them as early as possible. Review them at least  daily.

4. Reading Hack

Reading is boring. There’s at least 100 better things then to read a book. However, book/textbook material is usually the majority of what is on tests. To overcome this, use this simple trick: Place a treat every paragraph(s) to reward yourself for reading. It is hard to ‘cheat’ like this because you look down as you take the treat and therefore read the material. This is most helpful if you put it near the bottom of the paragraph(s).

5. Studying Tip

Do not procrastinate with studying. The longer you wait, the less you study. Trust me on this. You probably have experience with it as well.



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