Life Hack / DIYS – Music

Everyone needs music to survive. Whether it comes from a  phone or you just tap it out on the desk, music is an essential to human survival. One of the worst scenarios that involves music is  when your music player’s speakers are not loud enough  at full volume and you do not have a speaker (not everyone can afford one). Simply grab a cup and place your music player in there for enhanced sound. Why  does this work? Well, since sound only travels up, the cup has only one area for sound  to escape through, the top. As it reaches the top, it bounces back and forth inside the cup, amplifying it’s noise. It is recommended to use a bigger cup for more sound.


Another one of my biggest pet peeves is when my earphone cords get tangled up. I especially hate this because it takes time  out of what I need to do. This life hack solves this problem with ease. Just  find somewhere you can hang your earphones from, such as a hanging decoration, and wrap the input end around it a  couple  times. Place a heavy  object on the earbuds  and wrap the earbud cord around it so it stays. This life hack works because gravity forces the tangled wires to straighten out under pressure.




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